HTML CSS FLASH/FLV Etc... & General site maintenance or updates

We'll be adding more bits and pieces over the coming days. Some things just take a little longer to display properly.

Flash- This about how much we're willing to do. Flash isn't user friendly or developer friendly, unless your Adobe (pushing out a new version every 18 months just to keep the revenue stream going) Most people think they 'need' Flash, many don't. We'll do a little here and there, but next up for this client is a jQuery or HTML5 player that's far more compatible and easier to update. Very simple yes, but this matched the look and feel of an existing photo gallery which was the most important basis. Guess what, we didn't find an existing solution that met the needs of the client, so we made one accordingly. The thumbnails toggle the video to be played, the controls match the video playback needs and disappear when not needed. The control highlights match the color scheme as well. Most importantly, there's no link or ads to other providers and they now have the source files needed to quickly drop in new videos and thumbnails as their collection grows.

*We've unfortunately had to replace the flash video with a static image while we trouble shoot some Drupal 7 module related issues. The working player can be viewed on the client's site located here.


PSD to HTML Conversion - Have you bought a pre-existing PSD template, or maybe had a graphic designer to create a new look for your site? Scratching your head now, wondering what the next step is?

Well that PSD needs to be sliced apart and individual page elements created from it. Very likely most of the layout can be accomplished with well coded css and the number of images used will then be much lower. Less images equals a quicker loading page and quite possibly better performance within the search engines results if you have a lot of text in those images.

We'll take your new design and create a unique html version of the page, accurately capturing the look and feel your design requires. Once we have the basic design created, it's only a matter of your choosing which pats you want repeated on other pages of your site. In essence we'll be creating your own customized template from that one image element, ensuring that a consistent look and feel of all your pages your site.