We don't actually provide hosting, but we do have over ten years of experience working with big and not so big hosting companies. We know a thing or two or maybe thirteen about what a usable site will require, and yes years back we did go with providers that promised lots and just failed to deliver. While one provider won't necessarily work for everyone, we do have a preference. So really the only purpose of this page is to provide a home for our affiliate link, which when used to sign up for a hosting package earns us a small benefit. We're not going to railroad people into using them, we will strongly advise against some hosting providers, but chances are our current host has a great package that will meet your needs both for today and for the foreseeable future. When we are in the process of designing your site or testing changes to an existing site you may already have, very frequently we'll be using our own server and hosting package to do so. We could just add a surcharge or fee for this, but that's just lame and is a bit unprofessional regardless in our opinion.

Our experience has taught us that most clients tend to go with the recommendations of the person designing their site anyways, and so we believe that providing the affiliate program link makes some amount of sense.

Q. What does it cost you? A. Nothing, though you do purchase a hosting package. You'll need this, unless you're running your own dedicated servers which likely means you wouldn't need us or anyone else to do your site.

Q. What do we get? A. One month free hosting, and the assurance that we're providing you with a hosting service that we strongly believe will work for you. But we could also point out that we do a bunch of volunteer work for third parties organizations maintaining their sites or consulting etc... and since the affiliate program contributes to lowering our own overall costs and overhead, you could say that this helps us subsidize that work. No. It isn't tax deductible, and if you even thought to ask... well shame on you

Pay our hosting bill... see, we're not trying to hide anything. And the choice of package is still entirely up to you. And a crappy graphic below (apparently our host doesn't know any thing better)

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