SEO = Fairy Dust

SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Easy enough to understand based on the name on the tin, but ask a number of people what it means, entails and how best to achieve it, well, you'll get as many different explanations as people you ask.

This is often sold as a service or is marketed as a "feature" of the coding/platform/cart/whathaveyou. In some respects it can be, in some respects that claim is absurd. Much of SEO is common sense. It has to do with quality content, incoming links, and the trust your website has built. Even the HTML structure of your page is important, but that is likely controllable by you and how you skin things / build your template / code the pages.

No platform or software can help you with common sense, but it can be helpful with some practical features. How are the URLs formatted for your site's pages? Do they look like crazy gibberish or do they look nice and clean and include the relevant content in the name? Are you able to control page titles on a page-by-page basis if you choose? Can you you set Meta descriptions and keywords? Is the templating system flexible enough for you to build your theme with intelligent, semantic HTML?

There are recognized best practices that will raise your site in the search engine's rankings, and yes they might take a little more time to do so then people would prefer, unless of course you manage to get slashdotted, rick rolled or get your site into the cross hairs of a Fox News commentator. The benefits of growing your page rankings 'organically' are such that as your site is shown in increasingly relevant requests, the more your traffic increases and helps to further the rise in rankings, and so on. As this goes along with the trust your website has built, you need to view your placement as something you earn, like your reputation. There are too many stories we're all familiar with about how hard it can be to overcome a negative reputation, and it can take a very long time to reverse the negative results and consequences of the ever changing search engine policies meant to protect against sites trying to game their systems. Just ask JC Penny how it's been going lately.

With all those considerations taken into account, YES we can optimize your site for the major search engines.It's not expensive, it's not really overly complicated, and most can be done fairly quickly depending mostly on the size of your site, and we don't charge a recurring fee unless you require continued maintenance for a rapidly growing site. If you'd like for us to sprinkle some of our magical fairy dust on your site, please use our contact form and it's alway recommended to provide the urls to sites in question. In addition to getting an idea of where your site is ranking already, we'll be better prepared to give an estimate of cost and turnaround time to do so.